By researchers from Australian Longitudinal Research on Womens Wellness.

UQ ALSWH Director, Professor Annette Dobson, said the study provided an evidence-bottom to Government to aid health policy and applications to keep pace with the evolving needs of Australian women. The ongoing support of the Australian Government means the study’s findings can continue to provide an invaluable insight into the biological, psychosocial and environmental factors affecting women across the course of life, Professor Dobson said.. Antidepressants most common medicine for Australian women A new research has revealed the mostly medication for Australian women is antidepressants. The study, by researchers from Australian Longitudinal Research on Women’s Wellness . Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and Medicare data had been associated with survey data to examine statements and costs of medications and other healthcare assets.The researchers surveyed 256 Chinese men, aged 50 to 76, who sought treatment at a big TCM clinic in Hong Kong. The males had been questioned about their current and previous use of TCM and Western treatments for arthritis, indigestion, impotence and gout. The research's lead authors are Dr Costs von Hippel, a psychologist from the University of New South Wales , and his brother, Dr Frank von Hippel, a biologist from the University of Alaska, Anchorage. The von Hippels cite three key findings from the extensive research. ‘First, significantly more guys had formerly used a TCM treatment for impotence than had been current users,’ says Costs von Hippel.