By using a large Norwegian longitudinal health study called HUNT.

Previous research from america has demonstrated that there surely is a possible hyperlink between people who go to church and blood pressure. Our findings, however, are almost similar to those previously reported from the United States. The Bible and blood pressure Since this is a cross-sectional research, it is not possible to say whether it was a health condition that affected the individuals’ religious activity, or whether it had been the religious activity that affected the state of participants’ health, says Professor Jostein Holmen from the Faculty of Medicine at the Norwegian University of Technology and Technology, and among the authors of the study.More tests need to be conducted on the various resources of chlorella to determine levels of pesticides, pharmaceuticals and various other synthetic chemicals they could contain. Until those exams are conducted and released, the best precaution you can take is to get your chlorella from verified clean sources. Summary of these findings• All commercially-grown chlorella can be free from mercury virtually, according to our lab tests. There might be trace levels such as parts per billion extremely, but this is well below our detection limit. • Chlorella grown in China may be the most contaminated with lightweight aluminum and additional metals.