Which could reflect reduced electroencephalograph activity and impaired sleep regulation.

‘We’ve also conducted research of SWA response to rest challenge in depression, and the results are very different. Depressed women didn’t display a blunted SWA response to rest challenge. Today’s CFS study included only women, and none had current depression. Therefore, our results can’t be explained based on depression.’ Experts advise that adults get between seven and eight hours of sleep every night to maintain great health insurance and optimum performance. Persons who think they might have a sleep problem are urged to check with their primary treatment physician, who’ll refer them to a sleep specialist..Rebec. Researchers discovered that the infants in the breast-feeding intervention group got longer exclusivity and period of breast-feeding than the traditional group. At 3 months, intervention infants were 43.3 % exclusively breast-fed compared to 6.4 % of the control group, and 51.9 and 28.3 % predominantly breast-fed respectively. Rates dropped at six months to 7.9 % and 0.6 % for exclusive breast-feeding respectively, and predominant breast-feeding was only 10.6 % of intervention mothers in comparison to 1.6 of control mothers.