A Chinese embassy official.

The guts is expected to cost three million Chinese yuan, or about $440,000, Xinhuanet reports. China also programs to send four malaria experts to Cameroon for 50 days, Shen said. Shen added that China sends a team of malaria specialists to Cameroon each year but that the team plans to utilize a Cameroonian group this year to talk about China’s experience in controlling the disease. The climate in China, in the southern provinces especially, is identical to that of the sub-Saharan African countries, Shen stated, noting that China provides invested much in the scientific research and has been able to offer effective treatment against the disease.The endocannabinoid system is a set of nerve receptors and related body chemicals that cope with appetite, pain-sensation, mood and memory. The interesting factor about the nerve receptors is definitely that they react to cannabinoids, among the elements of marijuana. There are several pain-relieving medications available today. Unquestionably pain medications are a blessing for the temporary relief of pain aswell as for the people who are dying and suffering. The safest discomfort relievers though will be the cannabinoids, which can be used for longer periods of time with fewer side dangers and effects.