Including new delivery systems and new progestogens.

Ready access to emergency contraception is an important public ailment. There is currently good proof that levonorgestrel emergency contraception retains some efficiency up to 120 hours after unsafe sex and a single-dose regimen could be better the divided dose previously recommended.. Choices in hormonal contraception The wide variety of choices now available in hormonal contraception, including new delivery systems and new progestogens, implies that most women can find a hormonal contraceptive that matches their individual choices and needs. During the last 15 years there were increases in the number of hormonal contraceptive preparations available and the range of systems for their delivery.This builds on its set up deals with Croda to build up novel bio-active elements for the Personal Care industry and Dr Reddy’s to build up bio-catalysts, thus maximising the exploitation of the marine collection in producing a diverse and broad chemical library. On signing of the contract, Aquapharm CEO Simon Greatest said We are confident that collaboration will exploit the novelty, diversity and drug-like features of the substances which we know from pilot studies are abundantly made by marine micro-organisms. These signify a virtually untapped source of substances and scaffolds with many attractive characteristics to create the basis of numerous drug-discovery partnerships.