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This calendar year's Little Investigator Awards Committee was chaired by Andrew J. Ewald and included Iain Cheeseman , Julian Guttman , Konrad Hochedlinger , Jason Radley , Jeremy Reiter Peter Reddien , and Alexis M. Stranahan . Recipients of most four awards will show lectures in AAA's Small Investigator Awards Symposium, scheduled for Sunday, 21 April, 4:30-6:30 p.m., at the AAA 125th Anniversary Annual Meeting/EB 2013 in Boston.Federal organizations have contingency plans set up. THE BRAND NEW York Times: Senate Actions On Health Law Techniques To Brink Of Shutdown The Senate is certainly likely to reject decisively a residence bill that could delay the full aftereffect of President Obama's healthcare law seeing that a condition for keeping the federal government running past Monday, while Senator Harry Reid, the Democratic bulk leader, expressed self-confidence that he had community opinion on his part. Angering Republicans who business lead the House, Mr.