As radioactive fallout skyrockets.

After all, any increase in cancer can always be blamed on sunbathing, or tanning salons, or whatever convenient focus on the medical community is wanting to discredit currently. This Fukushima fallout can also be a complete new profit center for the cancer sector which has long been in the business of irradiation women’s breasts with mammography machines anyhow. Cancer industry corporations must be drooling over the income prospects that may emerge from the global radiation exposure under way right now. Most people will take no precautionsThe upshot of all that is that the masses may be suffering from very risky doses of radioactive fallout right now, with no precautions whatsoever being taken up to protect themselves.It is used to treat many types of cancer; specifically in areas in the central anxious system, chest, head and neck, eyes and prostate. Recent studies show that proton therapy has a higher success rate and fewer problems than traditional radiation therapy when the cancer is situated in difficult to reach areas, or when the damage to normal tissue creates a high amount of soreness during treatment. Construction on the proton therapy middle shall begin 2010, and a healthcare facility expects to treat its first individual using the technology in 2012.. Colombian cardinal threatens physicians who perform abortions with excommunication A Colombian news report in Tuesday sparked controversy following reporting a Vatican established threatened to excommunicate physicians who perform abortions in the united states, the AP/San Francisco Chronicle reviews .