Welcome to the official website for the book, How to Get Somewhere in the Music Business from Nowhere with Nothing , by Mary Dawson.

This website offers resources for songwriters that would be expected to appear in the appendices section of the book. We have decided to present them here to make them more widely available and to be able to edit and add to them as we become aware of helpful new resources for songwriters and artists.


Mary Dawson is a prolific published songwriter who has been involved in the music business professionally for almost 25 years. She is president of CQK Music Group of Dallas, TX and host of the radio talk show, I Write the Songs . Mary is a frequent seminar speaker and her articles on songwriting appear in both Internet and print publications around the world.

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Even the most basic items?

SpreadTheMovement.org A accepted place where participants can connect with one another through blogging and social media, giving a voice to the movement. Features Facebook and Twitter links. HealthyHeights.org Online game where the user is usually a ‘Community Health Planner,’ challenged with managing the ongoing wellness of a community with limited resources.. Campaign to address rising health care costs What if you could not find the purchase price for anything at the supermarket, even the most basic items? Imagine if the check-out clerk offered to mail you a costs, but could not let you know what your total quantity will be? Although that noises ridiculous, that is just how our nation’s health care system frequently operates. Continue reading

Bariatric surgeon breaks fresh ground in the treating sleep apnea Dr.

Feiz sticks by his patients lengthy after their functions routinely, he’s in a position to watch their improvement as their lives improve in the ensuing weeks and years. Dr. Feiz’s patients report a lot more than just pounds loss, but the comfort of symptoms correlated with rest apnea , meaning even more energy, better rest, and a standard improved life outlook.. Bariatric surgeon breaks fresh ground in the treating sleep apnea Dr. Michael Feiz, a Beverly Hills bariatric cosmetic surgeon, is breaking new surface in the treating sleep apnea along with his method of bariatric surgery. An array of symptoms set in place by the current presence of evidently linked symptoms are getting treated all at one time with gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy functions. Continue reading

Amygdala plays central function in generating dread reactions in humans too A new study.

Amygdala plays central function in generating dread reactions in humans too A new study, published online on December 16 in Current Biology, a Cell Press publication, offers new insight into the emotional existence of a unique person that completely lacks the function of an almond-shaped structure in the brain known as the amygdala. Studies during the last 50 years show that the amygdala plays a central role in generating dread reactions in pets from rats to monkeys. Based on the detailed research study of the woman identified only as SM, it today appears that the same is true of humans. Continue reading

Which were highlighted by strong global product sales.

Money, cash equivalents and marketable securities were $10.0 billion, with a net cash position of $2.8 billion, as of September 30, 2015. Bristol-Myers Squibb’s global sales in the third quarter included Daklinza and Sunvepra, which grew by $353 million, Opdivo, which grew by $304 million, Eliquis, which grew by $250 million, Orencia, which grew 9 percent, and Sprycel, which grew 7 percent. About Bristol-Myers Squibb Bristol-Myers Squibb is normally a worldwide biopharmaceutical company whose mission is to find, develop and deliver innovative medicines that help patients prevail over serious illnesses.. Bristol-Myers Squibb reports third quarter financial results Bristol-Myers Squibb Organization today reported outcomes for the third quarter of 2015, which were highlighted by strong global product sales, essential regulatory and clinical milestones in Immuno-Oncology and the completion of several business advancement transactions strengthening the business’s diversified pipeline. Continue reading

Cancer Treatment For treating the tumors understanding the treatment method can be important.

Chemotherapy is a favorite form of treatment for cancerous tumors. It is recommended if the cancer is within an advanced stage. That is also used in combination with surgery in second and third phases. However, this form of therapy has pronounced side-effects with hair loss being the prominent among them. Radiotherapy is the final resort for dealing with malignant tumors and it is the most advanced form of malignancy. The focus lies in killing cells and destroying all the infected areas. In this the tumors aren’t treated individually. Therefore, the patients overall body functioning irreversibly is damaged.. Cancer Treatment For treating the tumors understanding the treatment method can be important. This helps the victim in the sense that it causes least harm to the physical body, and minimizes redevelopment of the tumor cells. Continue reading

Mentioned Harold Wolcott.

The interventional oncology world-wide marketplace for 2009 was approximated at $210 million, which marketplace is projected to develop to $480 million by 2015. The MTX-180 employs precision-guided microwave energy to ablate gentle tissue utilizing a single-patient-make use of disposable antenna. The MTX-180 originated to provide remedies as a stand-only therapy. BSD in addition has requested a Humanitarian Gadget Exemption approval because of its BSD-2000 Hyperthermia System, which submission continues to be under review by the FDA. The 510 and the HDE advertising submission and review procedures differ significantly and so are completely independent of every other. There is absolutely no romantic relationship or similarity between your 510 filing and the HDE filing.. BSD provides more information to FDA for 510 submission of MicroThermX Microwave Ablation System BSD Medical Company today announced that it offers provided the additional details requested simply by the U.S. Continue reading

California family celebrates 3 heart transplants SAN MARCOS.

They’re my No. 1 priority. It’s not unusual to have significantly more than one transplant in one family whenever a genetic condition is normally involved, but the triple-transplant Kremises are a rarity in the wonderful world of advanced cardiac specialty remedies even. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy affects up to 600,000 people in the U.S. By itself and is usually a leading reason behind sudden death among youthful athletes, said Dr. Gregory Perens, one of the males’ pediatric cardiologists at Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA. Many don’t possess symptoms until there exists a pressure on the heart, while some experience shortness of breath and upper body pain but have a milder version that can be controlled through medicine and a pacemaker. Continue reading

But the usual supplements may send calcium excretion and bloodstream levels too high for some women.

This randomized, placebo-managed trial included 163 older white women whose supplement D levels were too low. The women took calcium citrate tablets to meet their recommended intake of 1 1,200 mg/time, plus they took various doses of vitamin D, ranging from 400 to 4,800 IU/time. About 9 percent of the women developed excess degrees of calcium in their blood , and 31 percent developed excess levels within their urine , even though they were taking normal dosages of the health supplements and did not have hyperparathyroidism, a condition in which the physical body makes too much calcium-regulating hormone. These excess blood and urine calcium levels can lead to kidney stones or various other problems. Related StoriesBlocking calcium-signaling pathway could inhibit Ebola virus and various other sources of deadly infectionsResearchers discover that supplement D may play significant part in preventing AMD among womenVitamin D products may help reduce threat of falls in homebound elderlyThe good news in this research can be that the investigators found a way to predict which females were more likely to develop these excess levels. Continue reading

6 million Section of Protection initiative.

Nerve stimulation, however, would be centered on sensory nerves offering the mind with feedback in what the limb does and feeling. For instance, sensors in the fingertips of a prosthetic arm could possibly be hooked into sensory nerves and offer the amputee with a feeling of just how much pressure he is gaining a natural egg, or any various other object he’s holding in his hands. Although control of prosthetic gadgets is the initial objective of the project, the experts envision that it has much broader application when it’s developed. One obvious future software would be treating accidental injuries to the spinal-cord, like the damage that still left actor Christopher Reeve paralyzed. ‘I cannot find any fundamental obstacles to developing fibers optic systems that may bypass spinal-cord lesions and restore function in these individuals, although developing such something will most likely take 10 to 15 years,’ Jansen said.. Continue reading

Their study was released in the Dec.

This genetic network was also within other tumor types, including prostate, pancreatic and bladder tumor. This demonstrates that TTP is definitely involved in a number of mechanisms very important to tumor growth and advancement, and shows that developing brokers that focus on this network could be a highly effective therapeutic technique across a broad spectrum of tumors. In addition they reported that low degrees of TTP were connected with poor prognosis using cancers, including an increased price of relapse in breasts cancer individuals and lower prices of survival in lung adenocarcinoma sufferers. Additionally, breasts and lung cancer individuals with low degrees of TTP tended to have significantly more intense types of tumors. Continue reading

According to experts at The University of Western Ontario.

Codeine use may be risky for some breastfeeding mothers Using pain treatments which contain codeine might be risky for some breastfeeding mothers, according to experts at The University of Western Ontario, and the Hospital for Sick Kids in Toronto. Lead writer Dr. Gideon Koren published study in the journal, Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics which implies that the codeine used in some pain relief drugs can actually have harmful and also fatal outcomes for infants when ingested by some breastfeeding mothers. With almost half of all infants in THE UNITED STATES being shipped by caesarean section or after episiotomy, there is clearly a requirement for pain relief for mothers, says Koren. Continue reading

Cats and Disneyland bird flu really gets around!

The Dutch poultry farmers organisation says it is not clear yet just how many farmers would reject vaccination due to trade concerns.. Chickens, swans, cats and Disneyland – bird flu really gets around! French trade unions have accused Disneyland in Paris of covering up the loss of life of a swan in the midst of the escalating panic in Europe more than bird flu. Both unions, the French Democratic Workers Confederation and Workers’ Power, say managers concealed the discovery to avoid scaring off visitors. Continue reading

Blurry Vision Indication of Retinal Detachment Have you got Blurry Vision?

Floaters aren’t curable, but hardly ever indicate a significant problem if they are suffering from steadily and haven’t changed very much over time. In the event that you experience flashes -visible sensations of quick streaks or bursts of light-call your physician right away, as these could transmission a detached retina. Factors behind Retinal Detachments A personal injury to the attention or face could cause a detached retina. On rare occasions, a detached retina might occur after LASIK medical procedures in near-sighted people highly. #Treatment for Detached Retina Medical operation is generally necessary to fix a detached retina. This process is usually completed by a retinal professional – – and who provides undergone advanced trained in the medical and medical procedures of retinal disorders. Continue reading

Many people may benefit from the solutions of an chiropractor doctor.

Right now, it looks like you cannot start to see the document or simply newspaper with no reading your message ‘wellness’ or simply ‘wellness middle’ on everything medical. Actually, you may even find the term employed in fields that will aren’t actually health related. Personal maintenance systems, as being a amount of shampoos include utilized the phrase. So, what will wellbeing mean? The item ranges dependant on exactly what industry you could be in. Inside circumstance involving wellness, the term implies something greater than the actual lack of signs or simply sickness simply. Nevertheless, in today’s globe, any difficulty. Madness shall be considerably more normal. Possibly medical center wards operate the wellness middle in Northbrook some components therefore to their care. That certain won’t often healthy the real style of just what wellbeing will be. Continue reading

Patents within the core technology have now been released in Canada.

Roshwalb's determination to build up alternatives to topical corticosteroids is manufactured possible by his have background and the work he is currently doing at Celsus. Ahead of entering the business enterprise world, Dr. Roshwalb was in private practice in New York City and board certified in internal medicine. He received his M.D. From Albert Einstein College of Medicine and trained in internal medicine at the Mount Sinai INFIRMARY, where he also served as Chief Resident in 1997-1998. Celsus' MFAIDs are created to block a key enzyme that triggers inflammation. The company's lead drug candidate, MRX-6, is a topical cream getting tested in a Stage II trial in atopic dermatitis currently, with results expected during the fourth quarter of 2014. Continue reading

Amblyopia Amblyopia is a issue in the way the mind interprets visual images from one or both eyes.

The misaligned or weaker eye, though, will not focus and the brain suppresses or ignores its signal properly, leading to amblyopia eventually. Not all kids with amblyopia could have crossed or wandering eyes — actually many have eyes that are direct perfectly. If so, amblyopia is normally the total consequence of an anatomical or structural issue that inhibits or blocks vision, such as a droopy eyelid or a cataract. Another cause of amblyopia is serious far-sightedness , near-sightedness , or astigmatism . These vision problems trigger vision to become blurry, and it’s really these blurry pictures that are sent to the brain. As time passes, the mind begins to disregard or suppress these unclear pictures, leading to amblyopia in one or both optical eyes. Continue reading

Roses and chocolate.

Choose roses that have not been sprayed with insecticides, the ones that are grown naturally, or at least, those that have had no toxins applied to the petals and leaves. Roses could be fed the diet they need via nutrients put into the soil and this kind of natural garden care is an improved choice in case you are consuming the roses, or growing them near a vegetable garden.. Chocolate and roses have health benefits: Not just for Valentines’ Day – see how to get the very best chocolate and roses for your health Chocolate and roses are symbols of Valentines Day and any time requiring romance. And both, roses and chocolate, are good for your health, containing vitamins and nutrients that help lower blood circulation pressure, treat depression, grow healthy skin and hair, and increase immunity. Continue reading