“Mary Dawson’s wonderful book starts where the others leave off – what do you do after you’ve written your great songs? It begins at the beginning and takes you into the future of the music business, covering all the bases along the way. I love the way she puts a hopeful face on the future of the business by giving you real life stories of people who are making it their own way, wherever they are. This is an essential addition to your song writing bookshelf.”

— Jimmy Kachulis, Professor of Songwriting   Berklee College of Music, Boston.MA

“Mary Dawson has written a unique and comprehensive guide for the aspiring songwriter that is bound to become a classic in its field.”

Sheila Davis, author, The Craft of Lyric Writing .

“Dawson makes a lot of valid points about the changes in the music business….from recording at one’s home sounding just as good as a major recording studio… how the internet has revolutionized the way we market music—-forever. While there are no clear-cut ways to stardom, I think that novices to the business would be well served to pick up a copy of this book….and maybe some of us that aren’t novices….You just might learn something, too!” (full review)

-Chuck Dauphin, Music News Nashville

“Thank goodness Mary Dawson has documented some of her knowledge about the music industry. Previously, most songwriters had to attend seminars around the country in order to sample Mary’s expertise… This book should now be on the ‘Required Reading’ list for Songwriters.”  

— Jim   Sharp American Songwriter Magazine, Publisher (Retired), President, Sharp Management Company

“Insightful, clear and conversational.  Mary Dawson lifts the veil on what often seems like a complicated, closed door and contradictory business.  She will help you avoid many of the    mistakes new writers make in trying to find their way through the music industry maze.  Her business insight is timely; and her advice on the craft will absolutely make you a better songwriter. No one will have more influence over your success than you will.   If you are serious about songwriting; your copy of this book will be dogeared and often quoted.  Your dreams can be realized.  This book will help you stay focused on your songwriting dreams.”

Dave Bannen, NSAI Regional Workshop Coordinator, Houston Texas

“Mary Dawson has wonderfully presented the shiny nuggets in a mountain of information about both music and the business of music. Her common sense approach and genuinely positive energy and encouragement for songwriters everywhere are only two of many reasons for songwriters to include this book in their songwriting toolbox.”

Joe Strouse, President, Strousesongs Music,  Austin, TX

Mary Dawson knows how to make lemonade from lemons…Get Somewhere is chock-full of recommended reading and offers examples of ‘thinking outside the box’ success stories…” (full review)

Performing Songwriter

This is a music business book with a difference. The difference, and the fun, of Dawson’s approach is that she does not spend a lot of time worrying about showing you how to grab the brass ring. Instead of simply offering the tried and true advice about how you might, conceivably, in a good week, when the moon is right, get a major label A&R person to listen to 30 seconds of your masterpiece, she focuses on the steps you need to take, right where you are, right now.” (full review)

Ed Teja, The Muses Muse

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